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Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书

2020-02 12

Dear colleagues, happy new year!


Since the outbreak, we have been actively responding to the government’s call and have conducted self-examination and reporting of all teachers and students in contact with the epidemic area and health and fever since January 24, 2020, as required by the higher authorities in each preschool. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of local education commissions (Education Bureaus), all the preschools under Lima Huamei have sent the notice of extension of the semester to each parent. Here, we would like to thank the teachers who have carried out specific statistical work at this stage.



Education and Teaching 教育教学 

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图1)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图2)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图3)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图4)

From February 1st on, all the preschools have gradually planned to guide children to study, exercise and eat at home through Limai APP, WeChat group, Douyin, and telephone communication. This situation will be continuing. Therefore, all preschools are requested to carefully formulate education and protection programs during the outbreak, and help parents and children to spend their study and life in the epidemic period until the preschools open. Every crisis is an opportunity for education. We must do our best to provide teaching services for those families who have been trusting Limai so that babies can obtain more valuable learning resources.



What We Can Do 我们可以做什么

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图5)

Due to busy work, the doctor did not return home for several days, and  2 years old son called  'Dad'  to the TV.

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图6)

The doctor suddenly cried because he thought of his child.

Fighting against the epidemic is closely linked to each of our faculty. Those public officials who are on the front line also have children and family members, and they miss each other every day. Our due diligence in teaching is our greatest support to frontline staff and every parent in the preschools. The children of each family are special and unique. In the daily teaching communication, teachers must be understanding more, and be thinking from the perspective of parents: how to implement distance learning to reduce the pressure on parents.


Some faculty members need to make reasonable use of time, adjust their working conditions, and continue to learn and stabilize their professional qualities. Your progress will make children better.


Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图7)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图8)

For those foreign teachers who are still abroad, thank you for your concern and condolences at the first time, and please rest assured that with the joint efforts of all Chinese, we will definitely pass the epidemic period. Take care of yourself and look forward to your healthy return soon!



Embracing Changes 迎接变化

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图9)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图10)

Technology and viruses are just a battle of time. For viruses such as influenza, hepatitis B, and meningitis, we are fortunate to be born of the present; for the "new crown", our misfortune is temporary. Therefore, if we are engaged in the non-pharmaceutical industry, we only need to adjust our mentality and be prepared for long-term coexistence. Maybe we will all need to wear a mask to go out to work in the next three months. Then let us incorporate “wearing a mask” into the routine procedure of changing clothes and shoes; maybe people must keep a distance of more than 1 meter in the coming months, then slowly get used to this "social etiquette"; maybe take temperature in and out of campus and community in the next few months , Then it should be an opportunity for regular inspection; maybe ... then, accept these changes, and do your job well and quietly.



Education and the Future  教育与未来  

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图11)

The group photo of 2020 annual meeting.

Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图12)
Limai Huamei To All Employees 力迈华美告全体员工书(图13)

Limai's babies visit the National Zoological Museum of China

In history, human beings have a magnificent history of fighting against epidemic diseases, in which they have endured hardships, suffered severe blows, constantly strive to improve themselves, and finally gained strength. Education will guide children to more accurately understand the world and understand themselves. Every child is a builder of the future. They need to learn from the present, develop their character, and improve their abilities. The world of today is the cornerstone of the future.