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2020-03 03

  The Chinese nation has gone through many ordeals in its history, but has never been crushed. Instead, it has become more and more courageous, and has continued to grow and rise up from ordeals.




  In 1998, during the flood fighting and rescue, Chinese soldiers jumped into the water in an emergency and blocked the river by holding their hands.



  At that time, Chinese soldiers sat on the dirt floor to eat, and they slept on the dirt floor when they were tired.



  In today's history, no superhero in a movie has come to save us. It is the people who have grown up on this land that are generally unknown, they are fighting on the front line, and they are working hard for the well-being of the entire Chinese people.



  On May 12, 2008, Yuan Wenting, a teacher in Shifang,Sichuan province, China, died for saving the students in the classroom. She saved a total of 13 students’ lives.


  On May 24, 2008, famous movie star Sharon Stone claimed: "The Wenchuan earthquake in China is a retribution."



  In today's history, we should record those who fight for us and those who are sad and working hard because of what happened to our country.


  Also in 2008, the Beijing Olympic torch was passed to Europe. Chinese torchbearer Jin Jing was threatened and beaten by a violent in a wheelchair, but she held her torch tightly and was not snatched away.The French police, who were in charge of excort at the time, were surprisingly slow to respond.


  Abroad, the delivery of the Beijing Olympic Torch has been threatened and robbed from the beginning.




  At that moment, Chinese overseas students grew up in tears and strength.



  In today's history, these scientific, military, and technical personnel with both merits and talents are the reality idols of our Chinese children. We must establish the correct life orientation and correct life values for the younger generation, and cultivate the backbone of the country for the future development of the Republic.




  On February 19, 2020, Jiang Shi'e, a Chinese nurse who worked in the hospital for 25 consecutive days, ate meals sent by her family. The husband said to his wife: The child misses you. You eat up the meal, we just want to be seeing you beside you.


  On February 3, 2020, the Chinese nurse Gan Ruyi, knowing the outbreak at home, navigated by mobile phone, cycled and walked for 4 days and 3 nights, a distance of 300 kilometers, from rural Gong'an County to Jiangxia Jinkou Health Center for work. .



  Speaking of international education, it is not necessary to talk about Rousseau and democracy everyday and luxury cannot accumulate a happy life. The achievements of the Republic today and the development of a normal person do not depend on these.


  When our children become adults, China's comprehensive national strength is bound to be the strongest in the world. As a socially responsible enterprise and a responsible educator, we must be responsible for every sentence we say, and should be positive and enlightened. The children we cultivate should trust and support our country and government, should have a firm faith and be responsible for their words and deeds, should and be able to discern the right and wrong of public opinion; should have the courage to face the pressure, should respect the hard-working and obscure people, should love this land and contribute their knowledge and sweat to its peace and prosperity.


  Finally, we implore each parent to tell your own children about the hardships of the elders and the history of their respective family growth. One must know what is gained today, what is the result of the efforts under the stable environment, and what is the accumulation of the hardships of the elders. We must recognize the process of starting from nothing to something, and hope that they cherish everything that their predecessors have gained from their hardships. We hope that these stories will always be the torch that guides them in difficult and dark moments and leads our country to light.